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The Value of Independence

Once you have established your most important life cycle goals, our Independent Financial Advisors can help you to achieve them. For more than 30 years, we have worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions—to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth. By understanding our clients’ aspirations, we develop comprehensive financial strategies and make regular adjustments to changing conditions so as to ensure that we stay on course. We help individuals and families to grow and preserve wealth over market cycles and across generations.

Financial Planning

When you are starting a family or planning to retire, looking to fund your children’s or grandchildren’s education or the purchase of a vacation home, seeking to address health care needs or transfer the family business to the next generation, you need a financial plan. Our Independent Financial Advisors work with you to create this roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time, helping you to achieve your goals and protect your wealth.

Portfolio Management

With access to multiple institutional research platforms, our Independent Financial Advisors can help you to define investment strategies tailored to your goals, and then help you to make informed investment choices across every market and asset class. We also offer a range of structures for managing your portfolios including commission based, fee only or third party managed accounts.

Lending Solutions

The success of your financial plan depends not only on having an appropriate investment strategy, but also on optimizing how you borrow and manage cash. When you need access to liquidity, we can offer a range of borrowing alternative that will not disrupt existing portfolio holdings or result in tax consequences associated with liquidating appreciated assets. With competitive interest rates and flexible borrowing terms, our lending programs have no required payment schedules or application fees.

Cash Management

Our clients enjoy the benefits of investing their assets and managing their finances through the same account. They can access banking services such as check-writing, withdrawing cash or making purchases with their Visa debit and ATM cards, or setting up automated deposits and withdrawals as well as automated bill payment through a single investment account. We offer clients a comprehensive suite of cash management and lending solutions to integrate their day-to-day needs with their long term financial goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can help preserve your assets, reduce taxes, and unlock opportunities for future generations including those who benefit from your charitable giving. Our Independent Financial Advisors will leverage specialists in trusts, insurance, philanthropy and family dynamics to help you develop estate and wealth transfer plans customized to your specific control and liquidity needs.

Trustee Services

Trusts can be appropriate vehicles for preserving wealth and reducing taxes. We make personal trust services available through a wide selection of both domestic and international corporate trustees. This open architecture platform enables clients to direct trust assets to the independent financial institutions which specialize in the type of trust vehicles which suit their specific requirements at a competitive cost.

Research and Commentary

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