Offshore Mutual Funds

For investors who reside outside of the US, we offer a comprehensive set of offshore mutual funds, ETFs and alternative products.

Listing Of Available Offshore Mutual Funds*

Multi-Currency Accounts

Clients can hold cash positions and securities in over 50 foreign currencies and can receive monthly account statements of assets expressed as a value in both US and in foreign currencies.

Sample Multi-Currency Statement

Global Access to Markets

We offer institutional and retail clients multicurrency execution capabilities in over 65 exchanges. Clients can buy and sell foreign currencies, equities and fixed income securities assisted by our expertise and local market experience in Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

Global Access to Markets

Foreign Exchange Fact Sheet


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Foreign Market Trading


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*By providing this list, Bolton Global Capital makes no recommendation concerning the advisability or suitability of buying any of the funds contained on these lists. They are provided for reference purposes only. Sales may only be made by prospectus. Historical results are no guarantee of future performance.

Please contact Bolton Global Capital to verify that a distribution agreement is in place for any offshore fund which an account holder may wish to purchase.

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