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Exceptional Privacy and Confidentiality Protections

The privacy and confidentiality protections for client accounts at US broker dealers are among the most stringent of any jurisdiction worldwide. US Regulations impose strict requirements for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of client account information. Our clients can review account activity, positions and gain/loss information through our secure systems accessible anywhere an internet connection is available.

Access to all Major Global Exchanges and Currencies

Our International Trading Desk offers traders and investment clients, multicurrency execution capabilities in over 65 exchanges through local relationships, third-party electronic access, and BNY Mellon Pershing’s own exchange memberships. The desk employs an agency-only approach that puts client interests first. Our fixed income traders also provide the support to buy and sell global fixed income securities and non-U.S. dollar-denominated bonds with extensive local market experience in Central and South America. With the ability to execute in nearly 50 currencies, the Foreign Exchange Desk can help our advisors and their clients to succeed globally by easily facilitating currency conversion.

Offshore Mutual Funds Structured for Our Clients

Our platform offers more than 2,000 offshore mutual funds which are specifically structured for the foreign clients. These funds offer substantial privacy protections and tax benefits available only to non-citizens of the US. They are generally administered from stable tax-haven jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Bermuda and Ireland and are exempt from tax withholding for dividends interest and capital gains. Clients can use these investment products to achieve broad portfolio diversification across assets classes, foreign and domestic markets as well as currencies.

Open Platform for Fixed Income Securities and Emerging Market Bonds

Our fixed income platform, Bond Central, provides our advisors and their clients with access to over 80 dealers in corporate, government and emerging market bonds as well as structured products, certificates of deposit and commercial paper. In addition to these dealers, we maintain relationships with other major institutional bond dealers to ensure that our clients have the broadest possible access to competitive pricing for their fixed income investments.

Access to Funds at ATM Terminals Worldwide

Clients can access the funds in their accounts and make purchases with the Visa/ATM-Debit card at banks, ATM terminals, retail establishments, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. Our platform provides a robust collection of financial management features including on-line banking, ACH funds transfer and automated bill payment.

Enhanced Liquidity with Access to Low Cost Credit

Our low cost margin and collateralized loan rates allow clients to achieve maximum liquidity in their investment portfolios by providing credit secured by portfolio assets. The rates available to our clients are substantially lower than those of more traditional lending sources such as banks and credit card companies and allow clients access to funds without the need to sell account positions.

International Trusts

International trusts are flexible instruments that can be designed to meet the client’s personal, family, and/or business needs. We can structure and provide administration for a wide range of trusts to suit the client’s individual needs and circumstances. These include discretionary trusts, fixed interest trusts, accumulations and maintenance trusts, reserve powers trusts, private trust companies and Sharia-compliant trust. Our trust professionals assist in the design and implementation of the optimum trust vehicle to accomplish the client’s objectives.

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