Morgan Stanley advisors with $555m join Bolton

Two Morgan Stanley international advisors have joined independent broker-dealer Bolton’s New York office, Citywire Americas has learned.

Daniel Geller had been with the wirehouse since 2009 and oversaw $430 million in assets, most of which were from Brazil-based clients.

At Bolton, Geller is joining the A Plus Capital team of former Morgan Stanley advisors Ruben Lerner and Manuel Uranga, who joined the firm’s independent network of advisors in 2017, and manage over $550 million in client assets.

The second recruit is Michel Palacci, another 10-year Morgan Stanley veteran who oversaw $125 million in assets for offshore clients based mainly in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Israel. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Palacci was at Citigroup for 10 years.

Bolton Manhattan-based New York office which opened in 2018, now has five advisors including the two latest recruits, a spokesman said.

Earlier this year, Bolton hired another advisor from Morgan Stanley, Marco Oreamuno, to join its Miami office.

Over the last five years, Bolton has been steadily recruiting advisors from US banks and wirehouses who want to transition to an independent business model, stating it has ‘sustained a 20% annual growth rate’ over that period by ‘focusing on teams at the major banks and wirehouses that specialize in international business.’

Morgan Stanley declined to comment.